Projects 2012-2015


PCS of new power unit of Abakan TPS

The contract with JSC "Sibirenergoengineering" to create "turnkey" APCS of new power unit Art. №5 Abakan TPS of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)"has been concluded. Branch of  "KER-Engineering" "KER-Automation" acts as a contractor to design a top-level automation systems, field instrumentation installation and commissioning. Provider of software and hardware complex for the new unit is a corporation Metso - a contract for the supply with JSC "Metso Avtomatizatsiya" has been concluded. The automation system is designed to optimize technological processes, ensure high reliability and reduce the influence of human factor." All work is performed at a high level and in time. The project was successfully completed in November 2014.



 Modernization of monitoring and control systems 7 500 MW power units at Ekibastuz SDPS-1 (Kazakhstan) with the introduction of full-scale automation systems

Modern automation system is designed for process control of high power units running on fuel oil and coal. On the basis of program-technical complex «Ovation» (Emerson) is a modern process control system unit. The result is full automated control units with a view to ensuring of given heat and electric power.



Construction of 220 MW CCGT at Kazan TPS-2

(2 units including: GTP GE PG6111FA capacity of 77 MW, KU E-114 / 16-8,1 / 0,7-535 / 218 of "EMA" and the steam turbine T-26 / 3-7.5 / 0, 12 capacity of 33 MW of "GTC").The project takes place in the format of EPC-contract. General designer and the commissioning parent organization - LLC "KER-Engineering". The project was successfully completed.


Reconstruction of the SS "Kinderi" 500 kV JSC "Network Company" Kazan electrical networks




Replacement of 110 kV equipment - switches, circuit breakers, etc., The reconstruction of OSG 500 kV, replacement of AT-4.
General designer and contractor - LLC "KER-Engineering". The project is underway.
Planned construction for 2011-2016.

Construction of  SS "Schelokovo" 500 kV, JSC "Network Company", Elabuga Electric Networks

2 500/110 autotransformer, 250 MVA each

2 autotransformer 500/220, with a capacity of 500 MVA each. Number of suitable HVL 2 500 kV; 4, 220 kV, 220 kV cell 1 in the reserve; 5 of 110 kV, 110 kV cell 4 in the reserve).
Design was realized in cooperation with the design institute "Nizhegorodskenergosetproekt." The general contractor for the construction - "KER-Engineering". The project was successfully completed.





Modernization of the automatic control system of turbine K-205-130 power unit st.Number 10 Verkhnetagilskaya SDPS

A comprehensive project is implemented with the general contractor JSC "Quartz - Western Siberia" and JSC "Power Machines". "KER-Engineering" performs works on designing and implementing a modern system of regulation based on PTC «Ovation». The project was successfully completed.







The introduction of full-scale automated process control systems (PCS) units of 500 MW st. №1, №2 Ekibastuz SDPS-2

In 2011 the modernization of automatic control system of turbine unit st. Number 2 was successfully conducted. In 2012 the design work APCS Bl.№1,2,3 was completed, ACS Bl.№2 was commissioned. "KER-Engineering" plays the role of the head of the engineering company, jointly with the E4-SibCOTES, Emerson, under the leadership of general contractor LLP «CAPS».

Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"