Safety expert review

Expert examination of industrial safety and inspection of buildings and structures, power transmission lines and substations

We perform:

    здания и сооружения ПС
  • Inspection of buildings and structures of I and II levels of responsibility:

    o Measurement of foundation yielding in buildings and structures;
    o Drawing up datasheets for buildings.

  • Examination of industrial safety of buildings and structures at a hazardous industrial facility.

We additionally perform:

  • Inspection of bearing structures, inter-floors constructions, roofs, thermal and noise insulation;
  • Thermal imaging inspection of enclosure structures to identify heat losses and cold air leakage spots;
  • State diagnostics of water, heat and steam supply systems (including thermal imaging);
  • Inspection of distribution substations, electric networks and earthing devices;
  • Inspection of status of concrete, brick and other chimneys and gas approaches by the thermal imaging method.

Expert examination of industrial safety and inspection of hoisting mechanisms

We perform:

  • Technical diagnostics and expert examination including issue of the safety expert review report on possibility and operational conditions of hoisting machines:

    o Tower cranes,
    o Travelling cranes,
    o Trestle cranes,
    o Fully mobile cranes,
    o Hoisting devices,
    o Skylifts,
    o Loader cranes;

  • Technical diagnostics and expert examination of crane tracks including determination of industrial safety on the possibility and conditions of their operation;
  • Non-destruction inspection of metal and welded joints of hoisting machines;
  • Drawing up datasheets for:

    o Crane runways;
    o Hoisting cranes, not registered in bodies of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision) of Russia;
    o Cross arms;

  • Commissioning work on protection systems and security devices for traditional and microprocessor type hoisting machines;
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of security devices and protective equipment hoisting machines;
  • Commissioning work on protection systems and security devices for loader cranes;
  • Maintenance of security devices and protection equipment for loader cranes.

Expert examination of industrial safety, technical diagnosis and metal status monitoring at hazardous production facilities

Highly qualification of specialists for diagnosis of metal is confirmed with prizes in regional and Russian NDT competitions.

We perform:

  • Industrial safety expert review of: boiler inspection facilities; gas distribution and gas consumption; facilities of explosive and chemically hazardous processes in oil and gas industry;
  • Strength analysis;
  • Technical certification of boiler metalworks;
  • Technical certification of boiler inspection facilities;
  • Non-destructive metal testing;
  • Metallographic studies including metal structure investigation in replicas;
  • Chemical and spectral analysis of metal composition;
  • Mechanical testing of metal properties;
  • Inspection of steam turbines with the purpose to extend their economic life;
  • Revision of hanger-support systems;
  • Revision of process pipelines;
  • Investigation of failure causes of pieces of equipment.
Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"