Justification of investments

Development and support of investment projects on production reconstruction and upgrading


1. Preliminary design survey — facility technical and economic audit which helps to estimate efficiency of processes for the purpose of optimization and improving of energy resource use efficiency, reliability of equipment and technical installations.

Following the audit completion, the customers are offered with:

• Plans of low-cost measures such as: adjustment and optimization of equipment operational modes, implementation of optimal technologies and engineering solutions;
• Investment projects on upgrading the main process and power equipment;
• Feasibility study of investment programs;
• Calculation and assignment of residual operation life;
• Consulting activities on support of investment projects;
• Business plan, development of process, environmental, economic and financial documentation for the project.

2. Support services for investment projects – consulting and supervision activities:

• Preparation of contract documentation;
• Bid arrangement;
• Evaluation of proposals and drawing up recommendations for their implementation;
• Contractor selection and contracting for the project;
• Inspection of the project implementation, quality management;
• Management of equipment supply and installation;
• Approval tests;
• Technical conclusion - the facility acceptance act;
• Commissioning and performance adjustment work;
• Facility personnel training;
• Development of operational documentation;
• Development of process maps;
• Provision of conditions for occupational safety and health.

Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"