Integrated commissioning of power facilities

Integrated diagnostics of electrical equipment

Integrated diagnostics of electrical equipment is performed to identify defects at an early stage and prevent emergency shutdown of electrical equipment, planning of maintenance and upgrading of equipment.


Integrated diagnostics is:

  • Integrated inspection of turbine generating units and power transformers;
  • Inspection and diagnostics of:
    o high-voltage circuit breakers;
    o Earthing devices;
    o Electric motors;
    o Switching devices;
    o Suspended and frame insulation;
    o Current and voltage transformers;
  • Adjustment of Peterson coils;
  • Chromatographic analysis of:
    o Circuit-breaker oil;
    o Cable oil;
    o Hydrogen from the generator housing;
    o Commissioning and maintenance of chromatographic systems.
  • Qualitative analysis of stator winding insulation abrasion particles in impurities in oil from drainages;
  • Integrated diagnosis of turbine generators during repair;
  • Determination of electronic environment at 110–500 kV substation and its influence to relay protection and emergency automatics.


Thermal imaging diagnostics of energy and process equipment

Heat monitoring of electric and heat equipment at power facilities, heating networks, administrative and industrial buildings and structures is required to detect latent defects arising from the installation, repair and on the process of operation.

Heat monitoring of:

    тепловизионная диагностика
  • Electric equipment of 35–500 kV substations and distribution substations;
  • Contact connections of overhead transmission lines;
  • Active steel state of the generator stator;
  • State of power cells, complete transformer stations, integrated switchgears;
  • Buildings and structures;
  • Thermal insulation of power and hot water boilers, furnaces, reactors including definition of heat losses to the environment;
  • Chimney status;
  • Technical condition of thermal insulation of above and below ground heating pipelines and water pipelines, leak spot search using thermal and acoustic leak detectors;
  • Search of leakage spots into the turbine vacuum system with a halogen leak detector; leak detection.

Diagnostics of turbine generating units and auxiliary equipment at TPP

Diagnostic services for turbine and auxiliary equipment are aimed at achieving the objectives of testing and adjustment of the main and auxiliary equipment of TPP turbine departments.

We perform:

  • Diagnostics of status of the turbine automatic control system in order to obtain information about the current condition of the automatic control system nodes, estimate the amount of maintenance and repair, identify the nature of defects and technical assistance in their elimination;
  • Pre-start setting of the turbine automatic control system to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation;
  • Thermal and rapid tests of turbine units to determine the current change in the general operating economy, state estimation of turbine flow part, effectiveness estimation of regenerative heaters and a condensing unit, defect detection and repair quality estimation;
  • Auxiliary equipment tests (heat transfer equipment, pumps of various types) which include: characteristic formation, performance evaluation, identification of efficiency reduction reasons, selection of optimal operating conditions;
  • Testing of technical and recycling water supply systems;
  • Determination of steam, condensate and coolant losses in the process.


We implement new methods and technologies for measuring Automated Regulation System parameters using a computer control system that reduces complexity and duration of diagnosis, excludes possibility of human error when measuring turbine Automated Regulation System performance.

Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"