Energotechnological audit

Energy and Technology Audit

Energy surveys allow to define effectiveness of industrial processes, consumption and transfer of heat and power energy as well as develop measures to enhance efficiency of power equipment and related processes.

Energy Audit is

  • Inspection (energy audit) of enterprise energy infrastructure; adjustment of heating networks and heat supply systems;
  • Tests and adjustment of heating networks for thermal and hydraulic losses;
  • Technical and economic analysis of optimization options for composition and operational modes of main and auxiliary equipment, circuits of heat and electric power supply;
  • Calculation and expert examination of loss limits, specific rates of heat and electric power consumption for production and transport, norms fuel stockpiling standards.


We suggest:

  • Technical examination of heat and steam supply systems, metering stations including analysis of existing modes using advanced computer modeling techniques (GIS Zulu);
  • Statement of reasons for own generation installations of compressor packages, gas turbine plants at CHPP including calculation of optimum schemes for including them into the power supply system;
  • Implementation of methods and software packages for calculation of electric energy loss standards in electric networks of a company;
  • Introduction analysis of variable frequency drives and fluid couplings for pump equipment;
  • Electronic schemes of heat supply for a district, a city, an enterprise including optimization of heating system operational mode and generation capacity equipment load.


The Customer gets:

  • Reliable information about energy consumption on the inspected facility;
  • Solutions for optimization of heat- and electric supply;
  • Effectiveness evaluation of energy resource use;
  • Decrease in heat consumption for balance of plant, ensuring the required heating mode;
  • A list of energy-saving measures, upgrade options, technical and economic calculations and choice of optimal investment into development of a company infrastructure;
  • A enterprise energy certificate.


The work is performed on the base of:

  • A Certificate of inclusion on the register of companies authorized to carry out energy audits is issued by the Central Office of Fuel and Energy Resource Management in the Republic of Tatarstan;;
  • A Certificate of inclusion on the register of companies authorized to carry out energy inspections issued by the International Academy of Energy Science;
  • A Certificate of membership in Energy Audit Companies Council of Oil and Gas Industry;
  • A Certificate of energy auditor accreditation in GASPROM OJSC.


Engineering support of water treatment and water treatment mode of thermal power equipment

Fields of activities:

  • Audit of technical condition of water treatment schemes, water treatment mode of thermal power equipment, chemical control reliability in operation;
  • Introduction of advanced energy- and resource-saving water treatment technologies and management of boiler water treatment modes.


We perform:

  • Adjustment of water treatment and condensate plants, water-chemistry conditions of heat and power equipment including making up process flow diagrams in accordance with the requirements of Rostechnadzor (Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) of Russia;
  • State inspection of water treatment plants and water chemistry of thermal power equipment including proposals for their upgrading;
  • Thermochemical tests of boilers and evaporators including establishment of quality standards for feed and boiler water;
  • Pre-start and operational chemical cleaning of boilers and adjustment of conservation schemes for thermal power equipment;
  • Complete chemical analysis of all types of water, quality and quantity composition of deposits from the surfaces of heat power equipment;
  • Analysis of energy oils, including development of recommendations on extension of their service life;
  • state estimation of energy oils and their value relative to fresh oil cost;
  • Determination of solid insulation state by polymerization degree;
  • Guidance and counseling services to chemical laboratories of energy enterprises in terms of preparation for certification and accreditation.


We introduce new technologies of:

  • Preliminary water treatment with the use of flocculants;
  • Corrective water treatment in closed-circuit cooling systems and heating networks with salt deposition and corrosion inhibitors;
  • Assessment of energy oil status by induction period of oxidation;
  • Water demineralization according to APKORE counterflow ionization scheme and membrane methods.

The Customer gets:

  • Reduction of service water production cost, decrease in negative environmental impact, corrosion process slowdown of thermal power equipment and extension of its service life.


Metrological provision of production, consumption and transport of energy resources

Our purpose is to provide reliable measurement results in accordance with state standards, as well as protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the objects and subjects of economic activity from the negative consequences of incorrect measurements.

Metrological provision is to:

  • Repair, calibrate (preparation for verification), adjust measuring instruments of all types;
  • Perform very precise measurements; arrange work in conjunction with regional Standardization, Metrology and Certification Centers for calibration of current and voltage transformers (16 kV), Automated Information and channels of Measuring System of Commercial Energy Metering, DCS;
  • Introduce measurement systems for fuel oil, chemicals (acid, alkali, coagulant, transformer and turbine oils, technical fluids);
  • Develop and implement automated systems of fuel oil commercial metering;
  • Measure electric power quantities and electric energy quality indicators.


Service maintenance of gas detection equipment in accordance with state standards:

  • On-site repair, calibration, adjustment, verification, together with regional Standardization, Metrology and Certification Centers;
  • Audit of coolant and water flow;
  • Design, consultation, installation, commissioning and start-up adjustment of metering units for heat, cold and hot water, waste water, aggressive media, steam, gas, followed by dispatching;
  • Design, consultation, installation, commissioning and start-up adjustment of automated systems for heating, ventilation and hot water supply, selection of optimal equipment under the calculated parameters of heat loads;
  • Development, design, installation and adjustment of Automatic Systems for Commercial Metering of Heat, Electric Energy and Gas;
  • Development and introduction of measurement procedures;
  • Performance monitoring of metering stations with respect to monitoring of heat consumption and making up monthly reports;
  • Calibration and verification of heat, flow and level meters;
  • Service and metrological support of energy source metering stations and liquid media.


Services for corporate clients:

  • Carrying out system analysis of measuring instrument status, inspection and testing to determine the priorities in solving problems of metrological provision of production and distribution of heat and electric energy;
  • Development of plans for organizational and technical activities to improve production efficiency by improving metrological provision.


To enter into the Federal Wholesale Market of Electrical Energy/ Power, we perform:

  • Project development and implementation of electric energy accounting systems;
  • Creation and implementation of energy balance programs.


Certification of workplaces according to work conditions

We perform:

  • Certification of workplaces;
  • Industrial environment management at workplaces;
  • Measurement of physical factors (noise, infrasound, microclimate, light environment parameters, electromagnetic fields) on the territory of enterprises including sanitary protection zones;
  • Measurements of chemical factors at industrial environment;
  • Sanitary-hygienic examination of workplaces and PCs;
  • Measurement and estimation of hazardous and harmful chemical factors for assessment of workplaces and production control;
  • Measurement of influencing factor values in locations of electric energy meters.


Service effectiveness indicator:

  • No claims by the State Inspectorate of Labour, the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance (Pospotrebnadzor) and prosecutors during site inspections;
  • The company's competitiveness in the domestic and international markets after Russia's WTO accession.


The Customer gets:

  • Justification to the tax authorities of the expenditures required to further improvement of working conditions (extra clothing, protective equipment, etc.) with allocation of these costs to production costs;
  • Positive solution of Pension Funds of preferential pensions for the company’s employees;
  • Justification of benefits and compensations for work in dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, tax reduction for the payroll of the company’s employees according to the results of workplace assessment;
  • Discounts on insurance rates paid by the company for compulsory social occupational injury insurance;
  • Integrated assessment of working conditions at each workplace.

The following is at the disposal of qualified professionals: modern measuring and analytical equipment, successful completion experience of analysis and normalization of workplace ecology in the energy system and at enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Chemical and analytical research in the field of ecology

Fields of activities:

  • Chemical and analytical studies and control of pollutants in environment and work space (waste and natural waters, underground waters, atmospheric air, flue gases, sanitary protection zone air and working space air);
  • Development of water and gas chemical analysis techniques.


We perform:

  • Quantitative chemical analysis of:

o         Wastewater, stormwater and meltwater;
o         Domestic wastewater;
o         Wastewater of suction pipes;
o         Grease interceptor effectiveness;
o         Local treatment facility effectiveness;
o         Emissions from mobile sources;
o         Surface waters of natural facilities;
o         Underground water, piezometer well water;
o         Industrial emissions and flue gas composition;
o         Workplace and indoor air;

  • Measurement and estimation of hazardous and harmful chemical factors for assessment of workplaces and production control;
  • Efficiency verification of dust and gas trapping units;
  • Characterization of ambient air and air at the sanitary protection zone border;
  • Guidance and counseling services (preparation for certification and accreditation) for waster water laboratories.
  • We develop new techniques for quantitative chemical analysis.


Development of ecological permission documentation for industrial enterprises

Development and approval of:

  • Projects of maximum (temporarily) atmosphere discharge standards;
  • Projects of maximum (temporarily) terrain relief discharge standards;
  • Projects of permissible water body discharge standards;
  • Materials justifying the planned activities of the enterprise for management of hazardous waste to obtain licenses;
  • Calculation of damage for fishing industry caused by intake of water from water bodies;
  • The project of waste generation and disposal limits;
  • Hazardous waste production and consumption data sheets;
  • Environmental impact assessment with regard to economic and other activities during development of pre-design including the pre-investment and design documentation;
  • Training and support materials to obtain a license for handling hazardous waste;
  • Drawing up and approval of the environmental management declaration.
Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"