Construction, rehabilitation of electrical equipment

Electrical activities of KER-Engineering includes:

• Rehabilitation and construction of 6–220 kV class substations;
• Repair of 0.4–500 kV class electrical equipment;
• Automation of control centres of all levels (a substation, the distribution zone, Electric Network Enterprise, Energosystems Grid Control Centre);
• Repair of 0.4-500 kV power transformers;
• Dispatching and process communication;

Diagnostics and technical monitoring of electrical equipment;

KER-Engineering proposes work package of electrical services (on a turnkey basis):

• Facility survey
• Development of design and estimate documentation
• Development of business solutions
• Delivery of equipment and materials
• Electrical operations
• High-voltage tests
• Commissioning work
• Maintenance
• Major repairs / professional supervision
• Production of DCS control cabinets for electrical equipment, dispatching boards.

Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"