DATS package for operative dispatching control and monitoring of processes of transfer and distribution of electric energy

Implemented at:

  • Nizhnekamsk HPP
  • 220 kV Nizhnekamskaya Substation, 220 kV Zavodskaya Substation
  • 110 kV Makarovka Substation, 110 kV Severnaya Substation
  • 110 kV Leninskaya Substation, 110 kV Azino Substation
  • 110 kV Zapadnaya Substation, 110 kV Yuzhnaya Substation
  • 110 kV Sidorovka Substation, 110 kV KBK Substation


DATS hardware and software package is intended to build up the automatic system for dispatching control, DCS and remote control systems applied for operative dispatching process monitoring and control during transfer and distribution of electric energy.

In the power industry, automatic systems for dispatching control and DCS, DATS hardware and software package allows tp perform control and monitoring at the level of district electric grids, city electric grids, electric grid enterprises, etc.

DATS package can also serve as a basis for creation of automated information and measurement systems for commercial metering of quantity and capacity of electric energy.

Functions of DATS hardware and software package:

  • Measurement of process parameters for transfer and distribution of electric energy;
  • Process parameter control at electric substations and power plants;
  • Creation of information and control systems to automate process parameters for transfer and distribution of electric energy;

Dispatch control of facilities in the normal and emergency modes.


  • Possibility to apply on any facilities, including non-servicing ones;
  • Safety of DATS devices against conducted interference induced by transients, and high frequency noise;
  • Guaranteed reliability of remote control command execution due to multi-level hardware and software protection;
  • Ability to control switching devices with various connection circuits due to inclusion of various remote control circuits. This feature becomes in demand in case if the customer applies modern switching devices with connection circuits other than traditional;
  • Wide opportunities of power backup for DATS devices due to operation using both DC and AC sources. If there is no stationary sources of backup power, there is an additional capability to backup power supply for devices by installing batteries and backup power modules in cabinets;
  • Choice of communication channels types allows you to save money on the purchase of telemechanical modems as the devices in PTC "ACSD" work for almost all types of communication channels, including both relatively new GSM \ GPRS, Ethernet, and the most common in the electricity industry radio channels and HF communication channels - using communication controllers, which also have the functions of telemechanical modems.


ADCS, APCS and the remote control systems based on PTC "ACSD" are created by the design layout of its constituent products. The range PTC "ACSD" includes:

Devices of «ACSD AKP» are set to telemechanical controlled point and designed to collect telemechanical information from analog and digital sensors and transmit it to the control point. They also provide remote control commands issuing with simple and two-position objects to pilot relay.

Devices of «ACSD AAP» are intended for remote sites traffic control and management, as well as for exchange.

Supervisory board «ACSD ASB» as part of the PTC is intended for the remote signaling and telemetry parameters current values and status within the mimic object visual display, as well as for the possible issuing of control commands and manual control by the operator with the values ​​of output information to the ADCS, APCS and remote control systems for power plants and other industries.


  • certified for electrical safety in the GOST R for №POCC RU.АЯ54.В16120;
  • a certificate of measuring type approval RU.C.34.065.A №37862;
  • registered in the State Register of measuring in RF and approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • it has a positive conclusion of industrial safety examination.
Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"