The excitation system of JSC "Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod"

The existing system of turbo-generators TG-1.2-type bus coupler 3 did not provide parallel operation of turbine generators in violation of the stability of the power system. To address this lack of significant reliable brushless excitation system, diode, digital type «UNITROL 1000" company ABB (Switzerland) have been installed. The system provides the following modes of excitation generators:

  • initial excitation;
  • idling;
  • automatic adjustment of voltage
  • the machine to the mains voltage;
  • Work in the power system, or
  • on the autonomic load;
  • Forced excitation;
  • field discharge;
  • power unit termination.
Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"