SS "Bugulma-500"
In 2009, the SS "Bugulma-500" (Bugulma electrical networks) started working on the replacement of air switches 220 kV for gas-insulated ones.
Reconstruction of two cells - "220 kV Bugulma - Pismyanka" and "VL - 220 kW Bugulma - Abdrakhmanovo" was held.Together with "Elektroneftegaz" construction and installation and commissioning was performed. At the same time, about 2 kilometersof cable were dismantled and more than 9 kilometers of cable were laid back, a full range of commissioning of relay protection was carried out. Good organization of work at the substation and timely delivery of materials and equipment made it possible to reconstruct the single cell within one month. In addition to work on the replacement of air circuit breakers 220 kV three cells OSG - 220 kV were overhauled. It included the repair of air circuit breakers CDH-220 and disconnectors RNDZ-220 and two cells OSG - 35 kV.
SS "Mikulino" 110 kV
On the SS "Mikulino" a whole range of repairs was made:
• overhaul of CSG-6kW with lighting repair;
• Repair OSG - 35 kW;
• Replacement of dischargers RVS-35 ARF-35, voltage transformers, drives for oil circuit breakers and terminal cabinets.
In addition, works on repair of ground loop and repair work on generation facilities were held on 9 substations.


Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"