Consulting services for the modernization of 160 MW thermal power station and TVS

Customer: Iron and Steel Plant «PAK Steel» (Karachi, Pakistan)

Serving as an expert consultant for the project "turnkey".


1. Comprehensive diagnostic testing of TPP and FA equipment for their design indicators for power, performance and economy.
The economic rationale of the restoration costs, preparation of tender documentation.
The tender to select a contractor for the reconstruction of power plants and fuel assemblies is held.
2. Supervision and control over the implementation of the project.


1. diagnostic testing of TPP and TVS equipment has been performed.
2. the required volume reconstructions have been determined.
3. A tender documentation for implementation of the reconstruction has been developed.


Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"