Creating a "turnkey" ACS unit №5 of Abakan TPS


Filial "KER-Engineering" "KER-Automation" under the contract with JSC "Sibirenergoengineering" created "turnkey" APCS of new power unit of Abakan TPS of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)".

"KER-Automation" acted as a contractor to design a top-level automation systems, field instrumentation installation and commissioning. Corporation Metso has become software and hardware complex for power provider. The automation system is designed to optimize unit processes, to ensure high reliability and reduce the influence of "human factor".

September 3, 2014 at the new unit of Abakan TPS with installed electrical capacity of 136 megawatts officially put into operation. With its introduction power generation will increase by 700-900 million kilowatt / hour per year. The new unit, which has become the largest power project in the past two decades, was built under the investment program of the Siberian Generating Company. Total investment in the construction of power SGC totaled more than 10.6 billion rubles.

Construction of power unit was carried out within three years. It used the best equipment of the development of domestic and foreign manufacturers of high-tech equipment. For the first time advanced combustion technology was applied at the station and it was equipped with modern electric filters that ensure maximum flue gas cleaning - up to 99.7%. This would minimize the negative impact of new equipment on the environment.

The work of the new power facility will provide a warm area of ​​the future residential development of Abakan. Additional thermal power capacity of 75 Gcal per hour will allow the connection of 500 thousand sq. m. meters of real estate. In addition, increasing the capacity of Abakan TPS to 406 MW will solve the problem of energy shortage in the capital of Khakassia and in the neighboring Chernogorsk, and will guarantee the stability of energy supply in Khakassia and in southern Siberia.
Commenting on the launch of the new power unit, the head of the Siberian Generating Company Mikhail Kuznetsov said: "We haven’t seen the object implementation of such scale for a long time. Construction of the new power unit was an example of constructive cooperation between national authorities and the Siberian Generating Company, the investment program of which envisages investing more than 86 billion rubles in the development of thermal power plants in Siberia. "

"New power unit is not just additional megawatts to the grid throughout the region and the country. This ensures reliable operation and sustainable development of the Abakan-Chernogorsk industrial unit for years to come, - said in his welcoming remarks, the Deputy Head of Khakassia Andrey Novoselov. - This is definitely improving the environmental situation in the capital through the use of power at work in the world's most modern filters. A powerful source of heat for the long-term development of the housing complex in Abakan and the territories adjacent to the city for the construction of social facilities are of paramount importance. It is serious potential for new industrial plants that have been already implemented or are still planned for implementation. This is a very important project for the socio-economic development of the republic. "
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Group members: "TatNIPIenergoprom", Engineering Centre Energoprogress , "KER-Avtomatika", "KER-Naladka"