Победа живет в каждом из нас

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70 years after the Victory .... During this time two generations for which war is the page of history now rose. The children growing without fathers became great-grandfathers. There are more people who don't remember the war. And it is extremely important that all of us know, what was our fight with the enemy for the world, what efforts and the victims the Victory in this sacred war cost to the people. From grandfathers and fathers we have to learn to love the Motherland, to be ready to protect it.

We have to keep memory in our hearts. The love which isn't fading away over the years to relatives who died for the sake of the peace sky over our heads, and great gratitude to everyone, who at the cost of the life defended freedom of our Homeland.

The Great Patriotic War further goes down in history. The generation of those who protected the bleeding country leaves. In each family there are relatives whom this terrible war concerned anyway. Our generation is the last one which has the honor to hear firsthand about the war from our fathers and grandfathers. It is important that memory about them don't leave together with them. It is necessary to tell from generation to generation everything that we know about the Great Patriotic War, so that our children, grandsons and great-grandsons could also be proud of a feat of the ancestors.

Their life is an example of courage, honor and valor for all of us! Thank you, dear, for the Victory!

The KER-Engineering company REMEMBERS AND IS PROUD of the greatest page in the history of our country - the VICTORY, thanks to which we can live and work today. Congratulations on the Victory Day! We want to wish health, happiness and attention of relatives to all colleagues, partners and friends!

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